Shaklee Business Opportunity

Shaklee Business Opportunity

Experience the Shaklee Effect for yourself.
When you’re ready to start The Shaklee Effect™ in your life, choose the way to participate that fits best with what’s most important to you today. Use, Share or Build. You decide if you want to use the products, become a distributor who shares with others or build a business with your own team, and for this getting the right resources is important, as there are services with invoices online perfect for small businesses.

Why Shaklee? Why Now?

When we talk about the why now part of the equation, it sort of depends on the person. Each person makes the decision to get involved with Shaklee for different reasons. Some people may be looking for a few hundred dollars per month of extra income, while others might be looking to replace an entire income all together. There are so many reasons individuals may say why now, but from a business stand point NOW is the perfect time to get rolling with Shaklee.

Shaklee Business Opportunity – How to Build It

For most network marketers, when you start out you will probably talk to friends and family about your new business. These people are your “warm market”. You will talk to them about the products, and talk to some of them about the opportunity.

It is likely that you will find some people to buy products from you, and if you are lucky you will find a business builder or 2 to join you in the business. This is a great way to get started, because it can get some PV (Personal Volume) going for you, which basically equates to a little money coming back your way.

What is Shaklee?
Shaklee was founded in 1956 and has been a leading provider of natural, environmentally friendly nutritional, personal care and household products. Shaklee’s branding is trusted and associated with high quality.

Shaklee has over 45 patents and patents-pending, operates internationally and has over 700,000 members.

The Shaklee Business Opportunity

…partnering with a 56 year old Start-Up! Perfect Example of the American Dream.

Are you evaluating a home business opportunity to start as a new career?
Or looking for a way to supplement your present income?

Finding a company with integrity and a proven success record was important to me when I started my business.

And being able to make a positive impact through my work was an essential part of my decision.

What is most exciting to me is to be able to combine helping people solve problems or meet their individual needs with our products that are guaranteed to change lives – and combine it with making a living.

We realize that everybody has unique circumstances and personal goals.

We can offer you a plan to reach your goals – whether you want part-time income, a second income or full-time income.

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